EMDR- flirting with danger, accessing the soul

I have been encouraged, intrigued, amazed, speechless at times about how EMDR seems to access the spiritual realm of a person.  I have experienced this personally in my own EMDR work and through working with clients who have accessed deep spiritual truth and revelation through the EMDR process. I think God may have revealed a bit about that to me tonight.  I’ve been pondering the structural model of dissociation, which states in a very small nutshell of this model that a person who experiences PTSD, had to have dissociated at the time of the trauma, and part of them is re-experiencing the trauma emotionally without all the facts.  A person who re-experiences trauma when triggered, can be triggered by a number of identifiable and unconscious states such as cognitions, social situations, sensory experiences (body sensations, sounds, smells, etc), emotions, words heard or spoken, etc.

People who have suffered trauma often have moments in their lives where they react to situations in a way that they feel detached from their behavior or emotions.  They may become so incensed that they say things they wouldn’t normally say or forget aspects of a confrontation they had with someone who angered them.   A loved one of mine has episodes of this kind of behavior, and I was praying about her one day, and I asked God, “Why does she react that way?”  “How can someone who is a good person most of the time and attempts to live for God get that far gone when she is angry?”  I really felt like God spoke to me and said, “Trauma.”   This word popped into my head unexpectedly the next few times I saw my loved one, and I felt like I understood finally, and instead of being frustrated with her…. I felt empathy.  I pray for her in a whole new way.

As I was praying more about my situation with her and telling my husband about the answer I felt I received from God, He revealed a little more to me.  At point of trauma, minds are vulnerable to lies.  It seems that dissociation is a state of mind that places us at particular risk to psychological problems.  I am proposing that since the Fall, Satan has used whatever means necessary to keep us from God.  And now it seems pretty obvious to me that he would certainly use our only means of communicating with God (OUR BRAINS) against us to inhibit our communication with God and our power through Christ to stop his attacks.  I am not at all saying that a person with psychological issues is possessed or has made some covenant with the devil.  What I am saying is that disease began with the Fall, INCLUDING problems with our minds.  We are all, saved and unbelievers, influenced by good and evil.  Sometimes we are aware of the influence, and sometimes we are not.  We fall prey when we are not aware.  That’s why the Bible clearly states that we should be alert.  We should be praying without ceasing.  That Satan roams about the earth looking for prey. 

When we are traumatized as humans, we are in a weakened, unsafe state.  When we happen to dissociate (a process by which the mind goes to a different place to survive horror of a situation), we are unaware AND in danger, usually physically and psychologically.  The theory behind EMDR is that people who have trouble with trauma once it is over, have come to believe a “negative cognition.”  I call it a lie from Hell to my clients who are inclined to believe there is a God and there is a Satan.  I have noticed, when a person becomes aware of  the Lie, he/she often appearst  o be haunted.  Sometimes they identify it right away as a thought that has been plaguing them for sometime. Sometimes they are caught by surprise, but it is a sense of familiarity with that lie, even if they were not aware of its presence in their thought life.  If disociation is such a endangering state, why wouldn’t Satan use those opportunities to speak lies over one’s life to try to render the person powerless, fearful, a victim to his/her own emotions, and separated from God.

When battling the lie in a powerful way such as EMDR, I believe you engage client and clinician in spiritual warfare because you are engaging Satan and calling him on the lie he spoke over the person’s life at the point of trauma.  When I have been stuck in EMDR, where the person is not budging off the lie he or she has been told and believed, I often begin to pray and see an answer to prayer and a sudden influx of spiritual revalation that debunks the lies they believed just seconds ago.  I’m thinking of these lies as Satan’s CLAIM over the person.  As the therapist goes in to try to dismantle these lies, Satan’s stronghold begins to unravel, and that doesn’t sit well with him.  AS a person “processes” or lets go of those lies, their cognitions automatically become more positive and often quite profoundly spiritual in nature.  I’ve had clients feel for the first time, “I AM WORTHY of love because God loves me.”  “He really loves me.  I can feel it.”  They report feeling lighter, taller, all things associated with being free from bondage.  I once received an image of myself having a heavenly light shining down on me as I envisioned myself living, doing God’s calling for me.

Thinking about EMDR this way has me pondering it anew.  If it is a process that engages battle, perhaps I need to be using all my weapons.  I could definitely be more prayerful about the process and more alert.

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7 Responses to “EMDR- flirting with danger, accessing the soul”

  1. Robert Yourell Says:

    You might like my article about levels of consciousness with EMDR:


    …or to experience a free guided mindfulness meditation with EMDR-inspired bilateral sound.


    Please send any suggestions or ideas. I’m always working on new things.

    • rippleeffectlegacies Says:

      Thanks for those resources!! I am VERY new to blogging. I was really using it as a way to organize some ideas that are coming to me. I was wondering, How did you come across the subject you read about on my blog? Or how would one find my blog–what types of searches would someone do to pull up yours for example ? THANKS!!!!!! I will also pass on your resources to my colleagues.

    • rippleeffectlegacies Says:

      I would love for someone to develop a product to use w/ young children like your bilateral sound creation. Maybe soothing music w/ bilateral sound somehow? I have experimented a couple times in the last week w/ having my 3 yr old go down for his nap with relaxing music in earphones. He has some neurological issues that make it very difficult for him to settle. I bet bilateral stim could possibly help parents/kids w/ problems like his. As I understand, this can be a problems with kids with Tourette’s, ADHD, Aspergers, Autism spectrum…. What do you think about that idea?

  2. Robert Yourell Says:

    I am set up to receive notices from Google on new pages or page updates on topics I specified. Anyone can do this. Your page came up as an “EMDR” topic. Anyone with an online presence should have their name as a topic. Then they’ll know what people are saying about them. :>) Go to Google.com and check it out.

  3. Robert Yourell Says:

    Funny you should mention this, Ripple. When my son was three, he helped me pick out the sounds for the first version. He knew exactly which ones he liked! Later, he used it to get over nightmares from something scary he saw at around age five.

  4. Robert Yourell Says:

    …also, I think as we understand how to use brainwave entrainment and biofeedback more, these will be useful tools for many folks with neurological issues such as your child. See the Rhythmic Entrainment Institute. Relaxing and metaphorical stories can really help children. See Little Annie Stories. Last I heard, there wasn’t enough research, but some people are very positive about cerebellar stimulation. And on YouTube, there is a lecture by Temple Grandin, the autistic engineer, who wants to help us all understand how to relate to children on the autistic spectrum as well as adults.

    • rippleeffectlegacies Says:

      thanks for those resources as well. I have been really interested in neurofeedback, particularly for ADHD children and RAD because that is what I see mostly. Is the brainwave entrainment related? I will probably find out by looking at those resources.

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